Why handwriting is Important?


a.The brain engages differently once we write something by hand as against typing it on a keyboard. Studies show that writing improves memory. students retain learning better when working with new ideas through handwriting rather than typing.

b. Engaging the body in writing by hand helps make writing a more holistic activity. there's something uniquely physical and multidimensional about putting pen to paper to make words and sentences.

c. Learning the alphabet by interacting with each letter in many various physical ways helps students imprint and retain the letters and therefore the letter sounds for easier recall when learning to read. Learning letters on a screen engages at the most two physical channels: the eyes and therefore the fingertips. it's impossible to inform one letter from another by the form of the keys. Learning letters through writing them involves numerous tactile experiences, engaging the fine-motor muscles of the fingers and hand, and bigger muscles of the arm and body, also because the eyes.

d. Many writers attest to the worth of a handwritten first draft and therefore the subsequent process of reading through and interacting with their writing by annotating, correcting, editing, and reshaping it as an entire . Typing on a screen tempts us instead to edit as we go, fragmenting and dissecting, and potentially interfering with the organic flow of ideas.

e. Even during this digital age, many accomplished people consider it critical to their success to stay alittle notebook and pen handy in order that they will jot ideas within the moment and refer back to them later.

f. Many historical documents were written by hand and are now indecipherable to any who are unable to read cursive. the power to read handwriting is gained through learning to write down in one’s own handwriting. having the ability to decipher both cursive and print is a crucial a part of language literacy.

g. Handwriting can help us hamper and fully engage with our thoughts. have you ever ever heard anyone say, “I type as fast as I think”? this is often certainly an asset when transcribing the vocable , but thoughts got to breathe (as do writers), and writing by hand conveniently holds such an area for thoughts to completely form before being set down in sentences.

h. With a pen in hand, there are instantly accessible creative and artistic opportunities that aren't possible to weave into the experience of typing on a keyboard.

i. Handwriting is exclusive to every individual writer, unlike typeface. One’s handwriting style, and particularly one’s signature, may be a public and permanent statement. Learning to write down well can help make that statement strong, beautiful, and – perhaps most significantly – legible.

j. Handwritten notes to friends and loved ones are intimate and private during a way that email and typewritten text cannot fully convey. Nothing but handwriting can fully represent the mood and personality of the author . A handwritten love note may be a creative gift to cherish!

k. Proficient writing features a soothing flow and rhythm. While technology and culture is goading us to figure faster and more intensely, tasks like writing can help us find healthy balance in our work, our learning, and our play.

l. Having the ability to write down effortlessly enables the mind to focus more fully on a subject . battling handwriting takes valuable brain energy faraway from any writing task, but when that skill is mastered, it makes all the difference. Skilled, fluid handwriting is an asset to learning!

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